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Extreme(!)Rus Dofus AU by RiaFire
Extreme(!)Rus Dofus AU

Моя экстремальная русская АУ по "Дофус: сокровища Керуба". Рекомендуется как минимум поверхностное знание персонажей.

Суть такова: АУ подстраивает канон под русский, "чёткий пацанский" стиль, искажая имена и черты характера персонажей.

Скажу откровенно, было очень весело это рисовать)))
Спасибо сестре за поддержку)



My extreme russian AU on "Dofus: the treasures of Kerubim". It's recommended at least a superficial knowledge about the characters.

The gist is: AU adjusts canons under "russian", "a clear yob's" style, distorting the names and traits of the characters.

Frankly, it was very fun to draw it)))
Thank you, sister, for your support)


There are many jargons and phrases, that only Russian people can clearly understand. So the translation of the text is approximate, just for 
understanding the meaning of written.

Main jargon.
"Clarity (or "Clear") guy\girl" is one among the other yobs that
 keeps the street orders. Clarity guy - is a correct guy: he lives "by the concepts," honors the authorities and he is an example for others.
"Clarity" also means "right", "indubitable", "trustworthy". "Clarity" - is infallibility. The inherent properties of tested people, reliable things and understandable phenomena. This is a certificate of authenticity, the premium-class guy.
"Clarity" - a positive attribute of any object. "Clearly" can be good trousers, shoes, jacket, car. "Clear ale" - is a feast for the soul. "Clear market" - discussion on the case. "Clear theme" - a winning situation.
Geeks, nerds, weaklings, hikikomori, goofs, cowards and so on - are not "clear".


Igor (Kanigroo)
Hippie with the fists; fixes brains of every jerks with "philosophy";
smokes catnip (and not only) for "expansion of consciousness".

Kocha "Cracker" (Crocosec)
Typical alcoholic;
escaped from the mental hospital, where he was registered;
1 bottle of vodka from guys = 1 day without betrayal;
life of the party.

Brutal Taras (Tortue)
Supplier of petards, lighters, gunpowders and other explosive stuff;
hobby - to explode the "palaces" of deputies.

Kiruha Kretinov (Kerubim)
"Clarity guy"; son of an oligarch;
gone from father's mansions to taste the "real" life and earn credibility of "clarity guy" in the hood.

Kerubim: "Kid, looks like you've got wrong area."

Luba (Lu)
"Clarity girl"; supports orders in the hood, disciplining others with the whip; actually the head of the area.

Ilyukha Avantyurov (Indie)
Have got mad skills of bully from the childhood; son of former leader of the local bullies; eternal Kiruha's rival for "clarity".

Indie: "You're too clear, as I see?"

Tofu: "F*ck it, Edik, are you f*cking kidding me?"

Edward (Ecaflip), Edik
Kiruha's and Ashot's dad; one of the 12 chief oligarchs of the world; the owner of every casino in the area; rare miser, troll and smart-ass,
besides immortal.

Lida (Lilotte)
Homeless, bully and orphan in one person; an expert of the best points in the hood; can tell about all the local "habits" and about the town
generally; the most enlightened about "where to grab for free".

Zhora (Joris)
The only one who wears a tracksuit for true purpose; dreams of becoming a footballer and play in the national team; admires feats of clarity
guys, especially Kiruha's.

Ashot (Atcham)
The real dangerous yob; always gets chilly;
due to the childhood's complexes now skins fur and hair from his enemies; sweared to make an another coat from


Version without text -
Reverse Falls: Protagonist Prologue (Page 5) by RiaFire
Reverse Falls: Protagonist Prologue (Page 5)
Next -…

In this version Reverse!Multibear is really dangerous creature that maltreats almost everyone in the forest and wants to kill manotaurs (the main goal).
Reverse!Manotaurs are calm and good guys that hate violence.

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Navyguy98 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
i know your probably busy with your current comic but can i suggest a little mini-comic with the reverse protagonists interacting with the OG's. i just want to know how their expressions of eachother will be
latoyaxx2 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
i really loved your artwork you create some incredible full of humor and adventure reverse falls comics wich really made me wait for moreHeart 
NevizPines Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  New Deviant
you're very talented, I'm your fan, I really admire you, love your version of reverse falls and wanted to ask if you could draw a picture of Dipper reverse (Sorry if you do not understand it but I am Mexican and I don't speak English) (I used a translator to write this)
LaddyLegasus Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! You have a lot of cool Teen Titans GO! and Gravity Falls stuff here ^^

*instant watch*
JadithTBelle Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow!  Fantastic job on all of your comics; the proportions are great!  :D (Big Grin) 
AnonymousLifeform Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016
I have officially declared your version of Reverse Falls as my favorite version, and henceforth have begun building all my headcanons on Reverse Falls around it.

That being said, I still don't quite understand what you mean when you describe Rev!Grunkle Stan's relationship with Gideon, could you give a clearer explanation? 

Also, how does Stanford fit in? I like to think that (since this is an AU) his machine doesn't get broken/destroyed and he does end up going to West Coast Tech, and ends up in Gravity Falls a lot sooner. While there he does make some "minor" discoveries (those crystals) that he uses to fund both his research and to buy a better house (the now-defunct Northwest Manor, since your version of Preston presumably discovered his family's history and renounced everything to become a hippy) but because reasons, still does his experiments out of what would have been Mystery Shack.
RiaFire Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016
Thank you!:)

I noticed one thing: original Mabel was a girl that LOVED everyone (except Gideon) and had a lot of friends, when original Gideon HATED everyone (except Mabel) and he had no friends! Mabel didn't want to harm enyone, she loved her life and she didn't need Journal's powers, when Gideon was evil as hell and was corrupted by Journal's powers. Mabel was Stanley's the most loved kid (as she had much in common with him unlike Dipper), and Gideon is Stanley's the most hated enemy. Gideon and Mabel are the opposites of each other. She is like a simbol of pure kindness and he's the pure evil. That's why I thought it would be interesting to make Gideon in this AU as very kind person that not interested in Journals. And make him with Stanley as best friends, as Mabel and Stan were in original. It has a sence. In my AU Dipper and Mabel are bad guys that don't love their grunkle (especially Mabel), and Gideon is a one kid that respects Stan and wants to help him (Pacifica helps too, but not so much. Gideon is closer to Stan than her). Poor Rev!Gideon. He is hated by everyone in town and by his parents. Stanley was one who was nice with him (except Pacifica), that's why Gideon swore to protect the Shack from evil Mabel, that wanted to destroy the Shack. Ironically, isn't it?

About Stanford... Honestly, I'm still can't decide with his story and canons exactly. I had one variant, but it is not complete. So...
I thought that in this universe Stanley will be interested in mysteries, not Stanford. I leaved Stanley in Mystery Shack, and Ford in the portal. Stanley in original had more relations between other characters unlike Ford, so I decided to leave Stanley in town. Their personalities are changed like Mabel's and Dipper's oppositely: Stanley is kind, calm and smart guy which was inspired by his brother's "anomaly" to start whiting the journals. Stanford didn't care about his fingers, but his brother was very interested in it. And Stanley began to write the journals. And as a simbol he used his brother's six-fingered hand. Stanford loved fightings, money and fame, not more. Parents didn't appresiate it, they loved Stanley more than Ford and so on. and maybe because of this (I'm not sure exactly) he decided to move into portal and try to earn fame and respect in another place (or he was just offended). I don't know, I still work on story and logic. But I hope it was helpful for you.
AnonymousLifeform Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016
Hmmm... alright, I'll roll with that...

I had a thought tho about "Northwest Mansion Mystery." You've made a comic where Rev!Gideon is given a bouffant at the party (presumably in massive mansion). That got me thinking... in your prologue you stated the Rev!Pacifica's ancestors have never done anything wrong and are a family of good people. But where did the mansion come from? For the sake of backstory, I thought of a much more delicious idea.

AU's in my mind are caused by decisions that eventually lead to said AU being different from canon. So let's say the first thing that makes Reverse Falls different from Gravity Falls is 
Rev!Preston Northwest. Up until him, history of GF and RF are basically identical, with the Northwest Cover-up placing Nathaniel Northwest in a position of power as town founder, lumberjacks get the short end of stick, and his family's history of deceit happen as canon... until Rev!Preston comes along. For whatever reason, he grows up differently from his forebears and is disgusted with his family history. So as sole heir (no siblings are mentioned in GF canon right?) he leaves it all behind him and gets a van and meets Rev!Priscilla and together they create the cinnamon roll (but could actually kill you) known as Rev!Pacifica Northwest. And because reasons, the Northwests have to return to Gravity Falls and her parents try to hide horrible family past from their precious cinnamon roll daughter.

Fast-forward back to "Northwest Mansion Mystery." since mansion now owned by Rev!Pines Twins (who, by general consensus, are combination of canon Gleefuls and Northwests) they hold annual party (or something) and have learned about Lumberjack Curse. They think "crap, almost 150 years but no Northwests to stop curse" so they invite/hire Rev!Pacifica (who brings Rev!Gideon (who gets bouffant)) to take care of ghost, preferring her to try and catch ghost (keeping lifting curse as backup)

That sound like it could fit in your canon? 
Kitty begging
RiaFire Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016
Damn, dude, your ideas are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and have a lot of sence! omfg  My story of Preston's family was easier, but your is more interesting and fits perfect! I like it so much! Yes, I will add this story to canons because it is absolutely great! Thanks for sharing ideas, it helped me a lot! Dance! 
(1 Reply)
Rivaliant Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
oh man your Rev!Falls comics are Grand, I will need to go through them in time, love what you do here
keep it up
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